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Cats Room

A safe, comfortable and healthy place to rest, eat, sleep, run, stalk and curl up !!

Best Food

Like humans, cats require good nutrition to stay healthy and avoid getting sick !!

Veterinarian Help

We offer informative and helpful advice you need to take care of your feline friend !!

Easy Booking

Just call @
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rest will take care by us !!

Who we are

Haven't you been searching for the best cat boarding for your pets and rescues? The wait is finally over. We bring the safest and coolest place at Gaur city 2 Noida extension for cats to rehabilitate, enjoy and stay at home while the humans are enjoying themselves. This place is only intended for cats and cats only as we know there are very less cat-specific boarding in Delhi and NCR. As we are starting off, we can only accommodate healthy cats in our well-spacious and cat-proofed place. The prime advantage is that we accommodate only six cats at a time in our place to give them space and freedom to be themselves. Once the cats are here with us, they will be loaded with squeaky and catty toys. Besides, the main objective is to provide both pet and rescue cats a chance to be themselves and happy. Therefore, this place and we, altogether, function as an adoption center too. The clients and rescuers can register their cats and adopt a cat through our website (the website is under construction) to bring a change as an individual in animal welfare. Isn't it great for all of us? What's more, the clients are assured to get daily updates from us. For the cats' safety, we have also installed hi-tech CCTV cameras to keep a tab on them throughout their stay. The customers can start booking for October reservations for their cats.

Why Choose Us

Function as adoption center and caretaker Facility is equipped with CCTV and safety measures The place is cat-proofed to give them intact freedom Reasonable charges for top-line boarding services.

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